The only thing more durable than Italian olive wood is the finish we use to protect it.

Olive wood is one of the hardest of all woods. Tests rank it 3 times as hard as oak. Due to the olive tree’s slow growth, olive wood is also tightly grained and extremely dense. This makes it very slow to absorb damaging moisture. These two characteristics give olive wood its heroic resistance to typical sources of household abuse, and make it appropriate for “light” commercial settings.

Olive wood’s natural resistance to damage is further enhanced by the manufacturing technology we use to produce our flooring. Each plank of Tuscany Olive Wood flooring is 5/8 inches thick and “engineered.” This means each plank is constructed with a thick, top layer or “lamella” of natural olive wood on top of a premium hardwood core. This core consists of multiple layers “cross-grained” to each other. The “lamella” or top layer of many other floors is almost paper-thin, reducing the floor’s ability to withstand normal household traffic and use. The natural olive wood lamella on Tuscany Olive Wood flooring is three times thicker than most lamellas. It is also “sawn” making it the most sought after type for both its appearance and strong performance characteristics. The end result is an extraordinarily durable floor – with maximum dimensional stability, highly resistant to wear and moisture damage, including warping and buckling.

Protecting Your Investment with “The best performing scratch-resistant flooring finish on the market today.” 

Olive wood is naturally three times harder than oak, but we further protect your investment by coating the surface of each plank with a multi-layer finish customized for olive wood to ensure clarity of grain and color. Made by a German leader in innovative coating systems, our finish outperforms industry standards in tests designed to replicate real life sources of potential damage like high-heels, pet nails and heavy foot traffic. These tests include:

Traffic Resistance: TEN times better performance – in rotational scratch tests – designed to simulate the twists and turns of heavy foot traffic
Abrasion Resistance: THREE times higher resistance – in mechanical scrub tests under ten pounds of pressure
Scratch Resistance: TWO times higher resistance – in tests using a diamond-tipped needle
Impact Resistance: 20% more resistance to impact – in precision weighted impact tests

Finish Technical Data

A. Finish Layer Construction


B. Finish Test Results Summary – Tuscany Olive Wood Finish vs. Competitor

Disclaimer: Actual performance may vary depending on environmental circumstances.

The only thing more durable than Italian olive wood is the finish we use to protect it.