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Craving Continuity

Earlier this week, I came across this article on Elle Decor talking about the benefits of repetition throughout a home. So I decided to do some research and see if this trend seems to hold true.

Elle Decor’s Amy Preiser sited examples such as repeating the same wood tone from a hallway bookshelf to your kitchen cabinets. Or using rugs the same color in every room, but different texture and scale. And last (and most obvious) using the same flooring throughout.

Domaine recently featured a renovation project for a home in Hollywood Hills and we see the natural fiber rug carried throughout the home, as well as a similarly neutral color palette.

1 13 6

Again, on Domaine (they are the best for home tours. seriously) Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg’s home features dark, rustic wood tones throughout every room.

domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-09-n domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-02-n domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-07-n

And lastly, Elle Decor featured a home remodel in Southampton by designers Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts where neutral, natural textiles were used in just about every room.

haynes-EDC-11-13-11-lgn haynes-EDC-11-13-09-lgn haynes-EDC-11-13-14-lgn haynes-EDC-11-13-10-lgn haynes-EDC-11-13-03-lgn haynes-EDC-11-13-04-lgn

There you have it folks, a little continuity goes a long way when it comes to pulling a home together.

*All images linked to original articles.



Today, I’ve collected a bit of Pin-spiration for flooring and room design in general. The above room is a wonderful alternative to the monochromatic white look that is so popular right now. Neutral, cool grays still give that modern simplistic feel, but with a little punch. But the real showstopper in this room is the chevron floor. The gray and white stripe somehow manages to be a neutral despite the pattern. I can see this floor easily transitioning with the room when the need for a change arises.

I’ve pulled a couple of Tuscany Olive Wood’s white’s and gray’s below to help you visualize what could be. Sure, the pin-spiration floor is done in tile or was painted, but olive wood would be 50 years longer lasting and loads more durable. Yes, it’s more of a commitment, but I didn’t say you had to do your whole house in it.



You’ve seen it everywhere, the Holidays are upon us! Every department store is filling their aisles with Christmas and Holiday decor, it’s almost overwhelming. For that reason, now is not the time to break ground on any big remodel. You may be shocked that I’m the one telling you this, but really it’s too much to handle the last two months of the year. But the Holiday Season never neglects to show you necessary changes needed in your home. Don’t let the onslaught of family visits lead you into a remodel you aren’t ready for, use this time to do some planning. At least then if someone looks down their nose at your original to the home ancient carpet you can tell them your plans are in the works. Besides, the tree will take away from those stains.


After the first of the year, sit down and organize your planned changes. Call local designers and find one that’s the best fit for your changes, preferably someone who will listen to you but not let you become a Pinterst cookie cutter. For example, consider a lesser known source for your room basics like flooring, paint colors, etc.

Siena install mixed width

Take it from the Interior Designer’s kid, make your Holiday Season much less stressful and let those big home changes wait a few more weeks. You’ll thank me later.


California’s FloorCraft Inc., and Tuscany Olive Wood

Tuscany Olive Wood was recently featured in a news article in conjuncture with FloorCraft Inc., “a full service flooring company in Orange County, CA that provides high quality installation of carpet, hardwood, tile and stone floors.”

Below is a reproduction of the article, and to view in context CLICK HERE.

FloorCraft, Inc. Unveils Custom Wood Flooring Gallery and Introduces a Line of Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring

Posted: Oct 30, 2013 12:47 PM EST

This article was originally distributed via PRWeb. PRWeb, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.


Floorcraft Inc. is a full service flooring company in Orange County, CA that provides high quality installation of carpet, hardwood, tile and stone floors.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2013

FloorCraft of Irvine, California has added a custom wood flooring gallery to their showroom in the Irvine location. The gallery was designed to allow the shop to showcase their hand-made wood offering more effectively and give customers a more hands-on and interactive experience when they are shopping for the perfect custom wood flooring. A company spokesperson said, FloorCraft has always offered the best custom wood flooring, so in that sense the gallery is nothing new. What is new is the layout of the gallery that allows us to better display our hand-made woods.

What is new in the gallery is the introduction of the FloorCraft line of Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring. This exclusive line is new to the company and is prominently displayed in the new gallery. Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring is becoming more sought after by home builders and home owners because of its unique character that means no two pieces of wood are the same. Some have dark marble graining while others have a sun drenched blonde color reminiscent of Tuscany itself. With Tuscany Olive Wood flooring, home owners can create a look unique to their home.

The new gallery and the introduction of the Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring is exactly the type of activities customers expect from FloorCraft. The company is known for offering customers the latest and best flooring options and the owners of the company are constantly searching for floor products that fit in with the latest styles and trends, and bringing those quality options to customers through their showroom. With this updated gallery and expanded line of wood products FloorCraft is continuing to offer clients the best in flooring options.

To learn more visit the FloorCraft website at or call 949.863.9060 to speak with a company representative. FloorCraft also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.


Our first TV feature!

At the beginning of this year, we connected with Vicki Payne, of Charlotte NC’s “For Your Home” to help her reinvent and recreate her new home. She knew she wanted something unique and special for the master bedroom, so naturally she found us. I’ve shared a few photos of that finished mixed width Siena install, but here is the first episode in this season’s For Your Home where we are featured! {If you have time, of course watch the whole thing! But if not, she introduces us at about the 21:35 minute mark}

If you want to see the video in context, or explore more from the wonderful Vicki Payne, click here: Tuscany Olive Wood on For Your Home

Tuscany Olive Wood returns to High Point Furniture Market this fall


GREENSBORO, N.C./ Oct. 10, 2013 – After a whirlwind debut at Metro Market Week and the NY International Carpet Show (NYICS)  in NYC, Tuscany Olive Wood will be returning to High Point Market and CR Laine this fall to showcase their latest colors and designs.

Tuscany Olive Wood (TOW) previously collaborated with CR Laine to design a custom olive wood floor for the furniture manufacturer’s Hamilton-Wrenn showroom. After featuring multiple popular colors last spring, including a Pantone inspired Emerald Green, TOW is excited to showcase their expanded and improved palette. Among the new Carrera White and Modern Gray, will be updated samples of their semi-custom colors market researched to be the best for the olive wood grain.

“Olive wood is a truly unique product unlike anything else,” said Julie Blacutt, director of business development at Specified Flooring. “Beyond the obvious beauty of the wood, its heritage and performance make it an exciting source for flooring that will last generations.”

This unique flooring salvages material from 120 to 1,000 year old olive trees, giving homeowners the opportunity to bring the Renaissance into their everyday living. As olive trees age, they need routine pruning to stimulate new growth. Tuscany Olive Wood flooring partners with Italian olive grove owners to purchase the logs pruned from these ancient trees. This process allows the flooring to be sourced from Italy and manufactured in America, creating matchless environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring.

Tuscany Olive Wood is available in two standard colors as well as completely custom colors that will complement any home. For more information, visit CR Laine at the Hamilton-Wrenn showroom on 310 N Hamilton in the Hamilton Court Building, 2nd floor.

Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring:

Tuscany Olive Wood is a branch of Specified Flooring that specializes in crafting hardwood floors from genuine Italian Olive Wood to create exceptional sustainable flooring.

CR Laine:

Founded in 1958 by Clarence Roseman, CR Laine continues to be family owned and operated. The mission at CR Laine is to create inspiring upholstered furniture through innovative style, comfort, and color. In addition, CR Laine is committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations. CR Laine aims to minimize the environmental impacts of the company through the continual improvement of waste reduction and use of sustainable practices.

New York International Carpet Show:

NYICS is a part of Metro Market Week in New York City, October 6-8. The New York Show is a chapter in the new story about emerging changes in this industry. Steady growth over the past years is a reliable indication of how NYICS meets a market need. Forward-looking carpetmakers and buyers alike want to be a part of this important change. NYICS is located in the METROPOLITAN PAVILION at 125 West 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues in the Chelsea neighborhood and is open 9am to 6pm Sunday and Monday, and 9am to 4pm Tuesday.


Last chances

October is upon us, which means you only have a few more months to update your home with some of the trends that made 2013 great. Large or small scale, adding any of these trends would instantly update your home for the holidays. Show those guests who’s on top of things!

1. One of the big trends that we really just have to classify as a “come-back” is embellished walls. Which, lets be honest, basically just means wallpaper. But wallpaper grew up with 2013 in moody florals and Moroccan themes. Old World patterns and motifs were reinvented in bright pinks and greens, a consistently easy way to modernize a pattern by the way. Obviously, large scale with this trend would be to wallpaper a living area, or bedroom. But a smaller scale, and something perhaps easier to handle, would be a small hallway. Or even hanging large prints of some of the more popular patterns would achieve the same updated look.

hollywood-glamour-decorating-tips-mueffling-1210-05-mdn matthew-patrick-smyth-designer-visions-EDC-1212-06-lgn Gerard-tremolet-home-1012-02-lgn

2. 2013 was also the year we stopped being afraid of dark colors on our walls. Black and dark stormy navy’s became the chicest colors for kitchens, libraries, home offices, really anywhere.  Of course,  if you’re going to go dark on the walls, you almost have to let it stand as a neutral and fill the rest of the room with light and color. In order to avoid your room turning into a black hole, be sure that it gets a lot of natural light, and the walls aren’t left bare. Art and shelves are your best friend.

626f803a36bb97a64ccb15aa76287994 f257c2bbd65342748ca01410a0ff5262-mdn

3. Last, we can’t forget the gallery wall and how it grew throughout the year. What started out as small clusters became covering a wall top to bottom with prints and photos of all sizes (with similar, simple frames of course). This trend went hand in hand with the sudden return of brass and gold accents a’ la Kate Spade. The bright metallics are  no longer just for the 80’s and the evidence is in every major designer’s home and every home decor magazine. For both of these, less is more in the average home. Start with a large cluster/gallery of prints and photos above a couch in place of one large print. And throw in a few brass candlesticks for good measure. Of course, I’m not going to stop you from going all in!

cd520f71d9fcc2fce66eb8fd9e5c8ffb ED0312_Astier_002-625-lgn

And because you know we can’t leave out our mission, if you are really in the market for major home changes, consider adding Tuscany Olive Wood to any of these trends. It’s the perfect backdrop for changing trends and will guarantee that your home will be noticed.


Breaking in

Hello all, I hope your Monday mornings are going well. Last week was all about brainstorming for us. I posted our news release on our new NEWH membership a few weeks ago and we’ve been planning since.

For many hotels and hospitality venues, it’s much more prudent to choose carpet or vinyl for the majority of the space, particularly in guests’ rooms. The lobby, on the other hand, has the potential to be a real showstopper and create excitement for the guests. Obviously, the lobby is the first thing any new guest will see and it should be breathtaking, or at least escaping. In a sense, it shouldn’t feel just like home, but still comfortable. We would love to see olive wood in a hotel lobby, it would be exquisite and create a true destination for the guests.

However, we do understand the need for budget efficient flooring throughout the  remainder of the hotel. Which brings me to my point, how can we infuse a little bit of olive wood into the guest rooms as well? Here are a few of our thoughts, and please tell us your ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

cca0eb295b9ec4e099f1eedb36878879 6973f8a1916118d274cee20d9be4fdb0 2a9c70491f2a767b59e1772f282331a8

We love the idea of an olive wood framed mirror for all the guest rooms. We could do different sizes depending on room size, and it would be a great way to use our product. I have to say though, the mirror on the far left is rather exquisite. I love the live edge!

a597c588c431875dbaf5300c7f273235 0b706888daa22edf3620348339b5d80b bb993ce44716bd37478810363b4cd666

Our other idea is to do a sort of olive wood inlay coffee table or side table. I feel like this would make a terrific impact and again is a small way to incorporate olive wood into the rooms.

Sources:,, Engrain, Howlett

You’re Invited!

NYICS invite 2

If you’re headed to New York City for Metro Market week don’t forget to stop by the NYICS and see the slew of gorgeous colors we’ll have set up. Trust me when I tell you your floors have never had so many options.