Beach living

In honor of it being Friday, lets talk about the beach! As summer winds down most of us find ourselves daydreaming about a quaint (or more elaborate) beach house where we can relax and be calm. It’s not a difficult taskĀ  to achieve this calm, clean retreat.

Think fresh blue/greens, and pale sky blues as your “pops” of color so to speak, with a white or khaki as your neutral base. And when in doubt, throw in some navy for a consistently classic beach look.

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And to hide the sand that gets tracked in no matter how hard we try, think about a gray flooring option. Like our Smoke gray. And because it’s olive wood, we guarantee it won’t scratch or fade and will give your beach house that light, airy feel. Always two birds with one stone right?

Medium Natural 2

I hope you all feel a little more inspired and here’s wishing everyone gets a little beach vacation this summer!

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