Breaking in

Hello all, I hope your Monday mornings are going well. Last week was all about brainstorming for us. I posted our news release on our new NEWH membership a few weeks ago and we’ve been planning since.

For many hotels and hospitality venues, it’s much more prudent to choose carpet or vinyl for the majority of the space, particularly in guests’ rooms. The lobby, on the other hand, has the potential to be a real showstopper and create excitement for the guests. Obviously, the lobby is the first thing any new guest will see and it should be breathtaking, or at least escaping. In a sense, it shouldn’t feel just like home, but still comfortable. We would love to see olive wood in a hotel lobby, it would be exquisite and create a true destination for the guests.

However, we do understand the need for budget efficient flooring throughout theĀ  remainder of the hotel. Which brings me to my point, how can we infuse a little bit of olive wood into the guest rooms as well? Here are a few of our thoughts, and please tell us your ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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We love the idea of an olive wood framed mirror for all the guest rooms. We could do different sizes depending on room size, and it would be a great way to use our product. I have to say though, the mirror on the far left is rather exquisite. I love the live edge!

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Our other idea is to do a sort of olive wood inlay coffee table or side table. I feel like this would make a terrific impact and again is a small way to incorporate olive wood into the rooms.

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