Keeping Your Tuscany Olive Wood Floor Beautiful

Tuscany Olive Wood flooring can last for generations with minimal care and maintenance. But you should avoid the three things that can damage it. The first is prolonged exposure to water or other liquids and chemicals. The second is dirt and grit that if left un-swept can damage the surface over time. The third is abuse from things such as heavy dropped objects, shoes with cleats, moving furniture and appliances. Please read our list of simple do’s and don’ts below:


Keep your floor clean and free of dirt and debris by using door mats without rubber backing and sweeping regularly with a broom, dust mop or vacuum. Use soft vacuum brush heads only – no beater bars. Clean spills quickly using a cloth moistened with water, or a wood cleaner recommended by your dealer. Place area rugs in high traffic areas and areas particularly exposed to pets, spills and moisture (e.g. in front of sinks and stoves). Apply protective pads to the legs of all heavy or moving furniture, available at your dealer. Do protect your floor by first laying down a solid board of some kind before moving heavy appliances or furniture across it.


Never wet mop or flood your floor with water or other liquids. Do not use any harsh cleaning products such as vinegar, detergent, bleach, ammonia, scouring powder or steel wool. Don’t use door mats and areas rugs that have rubber or vinyl backs. Mats need to “breath” to keep from trapping moisture. Don’t allow people to wear damaging footwear such as stiletto heels or soccer cleats.

A Few Other Recommendations:
• Use a swivel-head mop with soft cover.
• When more than sweeping is required, clean the floor with a cleaning product made specifically for wood floors (your dealer can recommend one) by spraying the floor cleaner directly onto a mop cover, not the floor.
• Never leave any amount of liquid (water, juice, soft drinks, alcohol, etc.) on the floor for any more time than it takes to wipe it up.
• Do not use any cleaning agents containing wax, oil or polish. Left over residue from these agents can leave a dull film on the floor.
• Do not use any wax or cleaner that must be mixed with water such as oil soap, as this may ruin your floor and result in a loss of warranty.
• Keep animal nails trimmed to minimize finish scratches.
• Certain types of casters on furniture may damage hardwood flooring.
• Keep the relative humidity in your home between 35% and 55%.

Sunlight – Not a Problem.

Many wood floors, like fabrics, change shade dramatically over time with exposure to sunlight. Tuscany Olive Wood is not one of these and will show virtually no change even when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. If the possibility of even minor color change concerns you, protect areas consistently exposed to strong sunlight with curtains, blinds or UV resistant film