You’ve seen it everywhere, the Holidays are upon us! Every department store is filling their aisles with Christmas and Holiday decor, it’s almost overwhelming. For that reason, now is not the time to break ground on any big remodel. You may be shocked that I’m the one telling you this, but really it’s too much to handle the last two months of the year. But the Holiday Season never neglects to show you necessary changes needed in your home. Don’t let the onslaught of family visits lead you into a remodel you aren’t ready for, use this time to do some planning. At least then if someone looks down their nose at your original to the home ancient carpet you can tell them your plans are in the works. Besides, the tree will take away from those stains.


After the first of the year, sit down and organize your planned changes. Call local designers and find one that’s the best fit for your changes, preferably someone who will listen to you but not let you become a Pinterst cookie cutter. For example, consider a lesser known source for your room basics like flooring, paint colors, etc.

Siena install mixed width

Take it from the Interior Designer’s kid, make your Holiday Season much less stressful and let those big home changes wait a few more weeks. You’ll thank me later.