Craving Continuity

Earlier this week, I came across this article on Elle Decor talking about the benefits of repetition throughout a home. So I decided to do some research and see if this trend seems to hold true.

Elle Decor’s Amy Preiser sited examples such as repeating the same wood tone from a hallway bookshelf to your kitchen cabinets. Or using rugs the same color in every room, but different texture and scale. And last (and most obvious) using the same flooring throughout.

Domaine recently featured a renovation project for a home in Hollywood Hills and we see the natural fiber rug carried throughout the home, as well as a similarly neutral color palette.

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Again, on Domaine (they are the best for home tours. seriously) Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg’s home features dark, rustic wood tones throughout every room.

domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-09-n domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-02-n domaine-house-tour-soleil-moonfrye-07-n

And lastly, Elle Decor featured a home remodel in Southampton by designers Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts where neutral, natural textiles were used in just about every room.

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There you have it folks, a little continuity goes a long way when it comes to pulling a home together.

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