Last chances

October is upon us, which means you only have a few more months to update your home with some of the trends that made 2013 great. Large or small scale, adding any of these trends would instantly update your home for the holidays. Show those guests who’s on top of things!

1. One of the big trends that we really just have to classify as a “come-back” is embellished walls. Which, lets be honest, basically just means wallpaper. But wallpaper grew up with 2013 in moody florals and Moroccan themes. Old World patterns and motifs were reinvented in bright pinks and greens, a consistently easy way to modernize a pattern by the way. Obviously, large scale with this trend would be to wallpaper a living area, or bedroom. But a smaller scale, and something perhaps easier to handle, would be a small hallway. Or even hanging large prints of some of the more popular patterns would achieve the same updated look.

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2. 2013 was also the year we stopped being afraid of dark colors on our walls. Black and dark stormy navy’s became the chicest colors for kitchens, libraries, home offices, really anywhere.  Of course,  if you’re going to go dark on the walls, you almost have to let it stand as a neutral and fill the rest of the room with light and color. In order to avoid your room turning into a black hole, be sure that it gets a lot of natural light, and the walls aren’t left bare. Art and shelves are your best friend.

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3. Last, we can’t forget the gallery wall and how it grew throughout the year. What started out as small clusters became covering a wall top to bottom with prints and photos of all sizes (with similar, simple frames of course). This trend went hand in hand with the sudden return of brass and gold accents a’ la Kate Spade. The bright metallics are  no longer just for the 80’s and the evidence is in every major designer’s home and every home decor magazine. For both of these, less is more in the average home. Start with a large cluster/gallery of prints and photos above a couch in place of one large print. And throw in a few brass candlesticks for good measure. Of course, I’m not going to stop you from going all in!

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And because you know we can’t leave out our mission, if you are really in the market for major home changes, consider adding Tuscany Olive Wood to any of these trends. It’s the perfect backdrop for changing trends and will guarantee that your home will be noticed.