Lets talk moisture

Today, I want to touch on the ever exciting topic of moisture resistance. Specifically, in hardwood flooring.d4720e04b366f7c3797d53758585f5c1

Unless you live in the middle of the desert, you will have some level of moisture in your home. These moisture levels, which will fluctuate depending on season and weather in general, can cause some problems for your wood flooring. It’s been mentioned on this blog and a more in depth explanation can be found on the Tuscany Olive Wood website, but it’s worth mentioning again that olive wood, without any further treatment, is already one of the most moisture resistant woods in the world.

That being said, there are some wood flooring choices you can make if you live somewhere with a moisture “problem” that will save you money in the long haul.

wear layer image

The first is to choose engineered flooring. Although it was once a frowned upon flooring product, engineered hardwoods have come miles and are now identical to soil planks when installed. Most importantly though, soil planks with swell and contract with moisture changes, leaving cracks between your boards. This can allow moisture to get into your sub-floor, something you absolutely do not want to happen on a regular basis. Engineered flooring, which consists of a thinner piece of the wood species of your choice (the lamella layer) and is adhered to a 8-9 ply base layer, is created to not expand and contract or buckle. This means your engineered wood flooring will not be moving even if you live right on the coast.

This brings us back to olive wood and how it already has the upper hand. Of course, the moisture resistance even of your engineered wood floor will change depending on the species you choose for that top lamella layer. Some wood species are more moisture resistant than others. That’s where olive wood comes in, it has tested to react the same, if not better than teak when submerged in water. And teak ladies and gents, is what is used most often for boat interiors and for high end outdoor furniture.

So, if you live anywhere other than the desert or the highest elevations of Colorado, consider Tuscany Olive Wood for your next flooring project. Big or small, we would love to talk to you about your next (or current) project.