So you’re building a new home

Whether you’re a designer, architect, builder, or even an individual, deciding to build a new home or even start a major renovation, adding wood floors is a major investment. A quality, durable floor can add thousands to the value of your home. Everyone loves to save money, yet floors may not be the best item to cut corners on when building or remodeling. Many consumers have experienced the headache of installing a commodity floor, only to have it warp and scratch, thus having to spend more money on repair or replacement over the years. Tuscany Olive Wood comes with a residential 50 year warranty, guaranteeing you won’t run into any extra costs down the road.

framingTuscany Olive Wood is 2x harder than oak, making it extremely scratch resistant by itself. The addition of TOW’s diamond grade finish adds even another level to the durability of this flooring. The benefits go even farther when you consider moisture resistance. Olive wood actually expands less than teak when submerged in water and has been considered for yacht interiors. So, if you’re considering a house by the ocean, don’t forget about olive wood!