The modern transition

I feel like a common theme in design these days is how to soften the modern look. Clean lines and neutral palettes seem to be the favorite right now, but going too austere can keep a room from feeling like home. A good way to add some warmth and a natural element to an otherwise modern space is through wood flooring. Now, many of you modern purists may be shaking your heads at my suggestion, but I don’t mean regular oak flooring. Exotic wood species are on the rise and they easily add to a modern home’s interior.

In case you still find the idea questionable, I’ve included some photos from different designers below. My personal favorites are the modern meets rustic mountain house (the first image) and the live edge wood and tile floor near the bottom. Both are gorgeous ways to blend the natural with the clean lines of modern design.


modern interior 1 modern interior 5 modern interior 3 modern interior 2     modern interior 4

Of course, we strongly feel that olive wood is the perfect, unexpected addition to what I’m calling the “new modern”. A quiet blend of comfort and open, clean spaces. To help you visualize, I’ve included some photos of a recent TOW install before any furniture was added. Use your imagination and see how beautiful this flooring would be for a modern space.