Olive wood tested to perform better than teak in high moisture

GREENSBORO, N.C./ Mar. 18, 2013—Tuscany Olive Wood will provide luxury yacht builders and designers access to Italian olive wood, a top of the line exotic material ideal for distinctive yacht interiors.

Tuscany Olive Wood flooring tested to be three times as hard as oak, making it one of the hardest and most resilient flooring options out there. More recent findings show that as an alternative to a traditional teak yacht interior, olive wood is actually more resistant to moisture and expands less than teak when submerged in water.

Beyond these tested findings, the wood sourced by Tuscany Olive Wood claims a long and rich history reaching back to the Italian Renaissance. The olive trees used for the planks have been growing in Italy for up to a thousand years, and generations of farmers have tended and made their livelihood off of these trees. Protected by the Italian government, the trees cannot be cut down unless released by the government. Instead, as their olive production wanes, farmers prune the trees to prompt new growth. Tuscany Olive Wood uses those pruned logs to create their one-of-a-kind boards, thus creating a both beautiful and sustainable product.

“We take great pride in the unique beauty of our olive wood and its quality as a flooring product,” said Julie Blacutt, senior manager at Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring. “The grain in each board is unique. Some reveal a rambling, dark marbled graining while others maintain a sun-drenched blonde. In short, it would be the perfect partner to the ocean waves.”

Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring:

Tuscany Olive Wood is a branch of Specified Flooring that specializes in crafting hardwood floors out of Agriculturally Salvaged genuine Italian Olive Wood to create exceptional sustainable flooring.

 Specified Flooring:

Specified Flooring is dedicated to creating elegant, beautiful and unusual hardwood flooring products that offer unique and fashionable alternatives to discerning homeowners and designers. Our goal is to do this in a way that is completely in tune with the needs of today’s customers and the planet we all share.