Tuscany Olive Wood returns to High Point Furniture Market this fall


GREENSBORO, N.C./ Oct. 10, 2013 – After a whirlwind debut at Metro Market Week and the NY International Carpet Show (NYICS)  in NYC, Tuscany Olive Wood will be returning to High Point Market and CR Laine this fall to showcase their latest colors and designs.

Tuscany Olive Wood (TOW) previously collaborated with CR Laine to design a custom olive wood floor for the furniture manufacturer’s Hamilton-Wrenn showroom. After featuring multiple popular colors last spring, including a Pantone inspired Emerald Green, TOW is excited to showcase their expanded and improved palette. Among the new Carrera White and Modern Gray, will be updated samples of their semi-custom colors market researched to be the best for the olive wood grain.

“Olive wood is a truly unique product unlike anything else,” said Julie Blacutt, director of business development at Specified Flooring. “Beyond the obvious beauty of the wood, its heritage and performance make it an exciting source for flooring that will last generations.”

This unique flooring salvages material from 120 to 1,000 year old olive trees, giving homeowners the opportunity to bring the Renaissance into their everyday living. As olive trees age, they need routine pruning to stimulate new growth. Tuscany Olive Wood flooring partners with Italian olive grove owners to purchase the logs pruned from these ancient trees. This process allows the flooring to be sourced from Italy and manufactured in America, creating matchless environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring.

Tuscany Olive Wood is available in two standard colors as well as completely custom colors that will complement any home. For more information, visit CR Laine at the Hamilton-Wrenn showroom on 310 N Hamilton in the Hamilton Court Building, 2nd floor.

Tuscany Olive Wood Flooring:

Tuscany Olive Wood is a branch of Specified Flooring that specializes in crafting hardwood floors from genuine Italian Olive Wood to create exceptional sustainable flooring.

CR Laine:

Founded in 1958 by Clarence Roseman, CR Laine continues to be family owned and operated. The mission at CR Laine is to create inspiring upholstered furniture through innovative style, comfort, and color. In addition, CR Laine is committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations. CR Laine aims to minimize the environmental impacts of the company through the continual improvement of waste reduction and use of sustainable practices.

New York International Carpet Show:

NYICS is a part of Metro Market Week in New York City, October 6-8. The New York Show is a chapter in the new story about emerging changes in this industry. Steady growth over the past years is a reliable indication of how NYICS meets a market need. Forward-looking carpetmakers and buyers alike want to be a part of this important change. NYICS is located in the METROPOLITAN PAVILION at 125 West 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues in the Chelsea neighborhood and is open 9am to 6pm Sunday and Monday, and 9am to 4pm Tuesday.