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Select your region of the country from the map below or from the list on the left to find the Tuscany Olive Wood retailer nearest you. If you are unable to find a retailer near you, or if you have any other questions about purchasing Tuscany Olive Wood flooring contact us here.


Why We Don’t Sell Over the Internet

Tuscany Olive Wood flooring is available only from our authorized network of retailers and is not sold directly over the internet. We believe that the expertise provided by a trained, authorized retailer and installer is necessary to ensure that:

  • You choose a floor that is right for your intended usage
  • You purchase the right amount of flooring
  • The flooring you buy is authentic Tuscany Olive Wood – not a fake and/or illegally harvested product
  • The flooring you buy is professionally inspected for damage and defects prior to installation
  • Your floor is installed according to instructions, a requirement for the validity of our warranties and a necessity if the floor is to perform successfully for years to come